Inspiration and "The Abyss of Doom"

As I drove to the beach yesterday, my ten year-old son told me a story, about how when he was two, I had thrown his beloved George, into “the abyss of doom”. Although he rather dramatically used these words, I felt as though I wasn’t far from there myself, having woken from a restless night, with barely the strength to move, let alone meet my responsibilities to look after myself and my kids. I felt dried up, overwhelmed and devoid of motivation or any inspiration to paint.
On those days how do I keep working? Is it just sheer will power, which drives me to plumb the depths of perseverance to find a subject to paint?
In my son’s story he had vomited in his new and scary, ‘big’ bed, all over George, his favourite cuddly toy monkey. “The abyss of doom” turned out to be the washing machine, which with all good intentions, I had explained may shrink or maim George further – oops!
I share this cameo with you, because I know that sometimes like me, you wonder what will inspire you. What happened to me yesterday, as I talked and listened to my son, was that I began to feel alive and re-energised. No longer was I captive in my own head and heart, to that empty feeling that destroys creativity and joy.
So I urge you, be fully attentive to someone you love, slow down to notice your surroundings – the trilling cicadas, the clouds skidding across the darkening sky. As you do, rest deeply into your true self where, as I do, you will find inspiration and strength.