In an Elemental Whirlwind!

What a whirlwind the past 10 days have been! All the hard work and preparations for Elemental Elegance, my Melbourne concert/exhibition collaboration proved worthwhile. I’m feeling energised and full of gratitude to have connected with so many fellow art lovers through my paintings and with Elyane Laussade’s sublime piano music.
I admit it was not without some apprehension that I embarked on this project, because although music has always been present in my studio, it has never before provided the impetus for my work.
Now I feel as though a new reality has opened up to me – my awareness has expanded to perceive an amazing, dynamic and exciting interplay of sounds and images! I fill with anticipation as ideas, feelings and impressions entice me to explore them in paint.
Perhaps you too feel an impulse to create, inspired like me by music, nature and life experiences. I encourage you to notice what makes your heart sing, what resonates with your spirit – that is where each of our unique voices and creative power lies.
As I share my story with you, about my experiences as an artist, you hear about moments of significance that move and motivate me – moments of profound vulnerability, of joy, compassion, sadness or gratitude. It is the everyday ‘stuff’ of being human, being a woman and a mother living in this world of contradictions that fills my paintings with meaning.
Together with our Melbourne audiences, Elyane and I have felt enriched and delighted by the synergy of music and paintings in Elemental Elegance. I invite you to continue this journey of discovery with me as I start a new series of paintings and stay tuned for us to perform in Sydney!