Painting and Pavlova

Have you ever thought that painting is similar to making a cake or a Pavlova?
My friend Ruth makes the most divine Pavlova, but I’m a novice and need instructions. On the other hand, I bake cakes and I do it just like I paint. I follow my heart and my gut.
In the past I felt embarrassed admitting that I almost never use a recipe, but now I accept that to bake intuitively, with instinct and feeling, makes me feel relaxed and ‘happy in my own skin’. As I create something delicious and unique, I revel in the process of conceiving an idea, selecting the elements, discerning the best method and responding to the changing qualities of the ingredients. It is a dynamic sensual interaction, which requires focus, fearlessness and a dash of frivolity!
Painting is the same. The process isn’t static or linear; it engages all my senses, courage and attention. For the result to be satisfying and delectable, it can’t be predictable or bland. It needs to entice you, the viewer, to delve deep, wanting more.
If you want to learn to paint like this, come to one of my workshops in June. The early bird discount expires this Wednesday, 3 May, so be quick.
You’ll even get to sample my cooking at lunch and the tea breaks!

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