Creating Paintings with Mixed Media & Gesture


Sunday 4 June 2017, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Join me to experiment with image making, media and your gesture! 

1 day of tuition for all levels, lunch, morning & afternoon tea for $160

Early Bird before 3 May $145

%10 Discount for Pensioners / If You Book for More Than One Workshop/ If you Bring a Friend

Book here now to avoid disappointment or ph. 0432 922 653


Let’s roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty! Painting involves all our senses and in this workshop we will explore creating vibrant and expressive paintings using paint, drawing materials, found objects, textured substances and more. You will learn to enhance the power of your gestures and the physicality of your paintings. I will encourage and guide you to experiment, to play, to manipulate and edit your work and to apply your judgment intuitively.

You will learn how to:

•    Effectively integrate a variety of media and materials into your paintings

•    Confidently apply paint using your personal gesture

•    Explore and experiment, moving between realism, naturalism and abstraction

•    Understand the dynamics of texture and surface

•    Add and subtract elements of your image to create mood and resolution

•    Tap into your intuition and judgment to make critical creative decisions

•    Develop an image distinct from your source material

•    Understand how to develop your work at home


We will work in my studio, in the lower Blue Mountains where I will share my expertise and passion with you. No matter what your level or experience, you will gain a rich understanding of working in mixed media. You will also connect with like-minded and interesting people.

Call me with any questions you may have, I’d love to chat with you, ph. 0432 922 653


The workshop will run Sunday 4 June, 9.30am – 4.30pm with lunch and refreshments provided on site.


My studio is in Blaxland, NSW 2774, which is in the lower Blue Mountains. Exact address will be sent with confirmation of your booking.


9.30am Arrive and set up in Corinne’s Studio, Blaxland, NSW, 2774

·      Introduction to the art of working with mixed media

·      Warm-up collage and drawing – getting in touch with your right brain

·      Explanation of various materials and their impact

·      Demonstration of building up an image using gestural mark-making and texture

·      Individual work on your subject matter experimenting with these techniques

·      12.30 – 1pm Lunch

·      Painting with individual instruction and assistance

·      2.45pm Explanation on resolving and finishing a painting

·      4 – 4.30pm Conclusion and appraisal


Lunch on Saturday is included in the workshop fees and provided on location. Fresh fruit, cookies, water, tea and coffee will be available as needed. Please let me know when booking, if you have special dietary requirements.


You must be 16 and over to attend this workshop unless otherwise agreed. A parent or guardian must provide written permission for you to participate if you are under 18.


By train from Sydney – Trains run regularly on the Blue Mountains Line, from Central station, stopping at major junctions like Strathfield and Parramatta. If you would like to be collected from the train station please arrange this with me.

By car from Sydney – It takes approximately 70 minutes from Sydney CBD or 50 minutes from Homebush to travel along the M4 to Blaxland.


Places for the workshop are limited to 8 and will be allocated in the order of bookings received with full payment. You can book here or by telephone ph. 0432 922 653. I will then invoice you $160 and provide you with bank transfer details. Once your direct bank payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation, along with detailed information about the workshop.

Early Bird bookings: $145 Prior to 3 May 2017

%10 discount for pensioners / if you book for more than one workshop/ if you bring a friend


I reserve the right to cancel the workshop if minimum enrolments are not reached two weeks prior to the workshop date or for circumstances beyond my control. You will be offered placements in an alternative workshop or a refund of all fees.

As I rely on group numbers for this workshop, the following cancellation fees will be charged if you choose to cancel or do not attend:

·      On or before 4 May  - FULL REFUND

·      Between 5 – 15 May - 50% of workshop fee

·      After 15 May 2017 - 100% of workshop fee

By purchasing this workshop you agree that you have read and agree to the above conditions.


·      1 small, inexpensive canvas or board. Approx. 30 to 45 cm depending on your preference

·      2 painting knives/palette knives

·      Assortment of hog’s bristle (stiff) & soft brushes

·      Sketchbook & pen

·      4B, 6B Pencils

·      Camera is optional

·      Palette is optional – I will supply some and cling wrap to cover between uses.

Oil or Acrylic paint:

PLEASE NOTE: These colours are only a guide. If you already have paints, just ensure you have a cool and a warm of each of the primaries to bring along. I am happy to supplement what you have.

·      White

·      Cool yellow such as Lemon / Cadmium yellow light

·      Warm yellow such as Cadmium yellow deep / Golden yellow

·      Yellow ochre

·      Burnt umber

·      Warm red such as Cadmium red light / Spectrum Red

·      Cool red such as Crimson / Rose / Spectrum Red Deep

·      Magenta / Violet

·      Warm blue such as Ultramarine blue / Cobalt blue

·      Cool blue such as Pthalo blue or Prussian Blue

·      Black

·      Other colours are optional, but you can mix a full spectrum using these colours.

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